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RED MAPLES    8'-15'                                

8' Tall Tree Potted


2 1/2 - 3" trunk, about 15' Tall are as follows

Autumn Blaze
Red spring color turning to green in the summer and back to red, orange in the fall
Fast grower
Mature height can reach 40'-60 tall and a width of 30'-40'
Great at providing afternoon shade for your home helping to reduce costs 

October Glory
Dark green turning red in the spring then to orange, red and yellow in the fall 
Medium to fast growth rate
Mature height of 40'-50' and width of 25'-35'.
Great tree for attracting birds

Autumn Flame
Produces a Red Flower in Spring and Winter, Green leaves in spring, turning to red, yellow in the fall
Fast grower
Mature height of 45'-50'
Great screening and shade tree, use near a patio or deck, or buffer parking lots and near driveways

Red Sunset    
Flower, twigs and leaves are red year long and its brightest colors show in the autumn
Fast grower
Mature height of 50'-60' tall
Makes a Beautiful landscape tree
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